Style Guide

The gargoyle is a protector. It is not the devil, nor is it evil in any way; it’s exactly the opposite, as a matter of fact. The obvious connection to the Stone Brewing name is that gargoyles were traditionally stone elements of architecture, but we take it a step further.

Official description:
For centuries, gargoyles have been attributed with the power to ward off evil spirits. Since 1996, our gargoyle has helped us ward off cheap ingredients, pasteurization and chemical additives…the modern-day evil spirits of beer!

Stone is among the 10 largest craft brewers in the United States and will open two new production breweries in 2016: one in Richmond, Virginia, and the other in Berlin, Germany.

Stone is famous for brewing bold, big-character beers without regard for style guidelines or focus groups. We make the beers we do because we love them, plain and simple.

The Stone Brewing logo is the most visible element of our identity. Because the logo is such a recognizable and valuable brand asset, it is vital that it is applied consistently wherever it appears.

The Stone Brewing logo recently underwent a change that involved dropping the “CO.” in the wording. When referencing our name, please refer to us as Stone Brewing and pay special attention to using the current version of the logo.

Any materials that use the Stone logo must be sent to our creative team for approval at We will respond to you in a timely manner to let you know if your art piece has been approved.

The logo is available in white or black. The white version is for use on dark backgrounds; the black version is for use on light backgrounds.
The space around the logo should be free of other text and graphics. This space around the logo should always be equal to or greater than the x-height of Brewing. These guidelines apply to both versions of the logo.

The primary logo should appear no smaller than 2” wide. For small spaces, please use the text-only version, which should not appear smaller than .75” wide.

Do not change the color of the logo by hand, as this may result in making the image of the gargoyle appear inverted.

To ensure you are using the logo correctly, make sure
the right side of the gargoyle’s face is the light side. A rule of thumb to remember: RIGHT IS LIGHT.

Proper and consistent use of typography is another step in maintaining Stone’s visual identity. The following typefaces have been selected for usage in all Stone company materials.

These typefaces are to be used in all printed and digital materials. The logo typeface cannot be used on any materials for the company or on materials where the Stone logo is present.


Please read our style guidelines above before downloading so you are confortable with using our logos correctly. Please discontinue the use of old or outdated logos prior to this version (JUNE 2016).